The fall and rise of water and weather monitoring services

Weather and water monitoring services are two distinct areas that have been prioritized at some point and neglected at another in Uganda. During the colonial time, meteorological (weather) and hydrological (water) services were priority areas and closely monitored in the country. As such there were well established water monitoring stations in places like Butiaba on Lake Albert, Pajule in the upper Nile, Jinja, Bukoba and Kisumu on Lake Victoria. “During the 1960s, rural water was decentralized in the districts, where the Department of Water was dealing with hydrology and valley tanks in support of agriculture,” Mr Patrick Kahangire, the presidential advisor on water says. “However, with the collapse of the East African Community in the 1970s, all water related activities were brought together under the Department of Water,” he adds.

The Monitor Uganda
Friday 13 April 2018