Supporting Armenia to advance their NAP process


Status of assistance to Armenia for their NAP process:

Through the NAP-GSP, UNDP provided NAP technical support for Armenia with a stakeholders’ consultation in December 2016. 
This included a rapid capacity assessment and stakeholder identification to advance the NAP process. 
The consultation was followed up by a the development of a Stocktaking Report for the NAP process in Armenia, and a preliminary roadmap to advance the NAP process in February 2017. 
Since then Armenia has issued a Government Decree to ‘Develop and submit to the Republic of Armenia Government’s approval of the Concept of Ecosystem Approach to Climate Change Adaptation, and National Adaptation Programme (NAP).’  Armenia has further sought access to the GCF Readiness Programme and a funding proposal has been submitted in 2017.
A NAP process in focus publication has been developed by NAP-GSP, in coordination with Ministerial representatives.
> Please email to access the NAP Stocktaking Report for the NAP process in Armenia