NAP-GSP e-news May/June 2015

May/June 2015  e-news

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Assisting LDCs to mainstream climate change adaptation into planning
Many Least Developed Countries (LDCs) are working to identify technical, institutional and financial needs to integrate climate change adaptation into medium and long-term national planning processes. UNDP, UNEP, and partners from the UN System (FAO, UNITAR, UNFCCC and others) as well as GIZ and the Global Water Partnership (GWP) are assisting this process through the National Adaptation Plan Global Support Programme (NAP-GSP).  
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Liberia: Gender sensitivity, appropriate science key to NAP process

The first National Adaptation Plan training workshop for Liberia was held from 13-15 May 2015, commencing the NAP process in the country. Fifty participants from various Ministries and Government Agencies of Liberia attended. A roadmap for the NAP process was established, addressing Liberia’s needs for building adaptation institutional and technical capacity. The roadmap will also enable the support for integration of climate change adaptation into existing national and sectoral planning and budgeting processes. 

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Madagascar: DRR and CCA integration through NAP essential to manage floods 

The Government of Madagascar launched their NAP process in March 2015. This came at a critical time, as Madagascar has been hit by heavy rains in early 2015, affecting up to 100,000 people. The NAP launch was followed by a workshop, attended by 80 senior policy makers and government officials.

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Burkina Faso: Leading on NAP formulation to adapt and prepare

The national inauguration workshop for the Burkina Faso NAP took place in Ouagadougou on 17 Feb 2015. Over 100 representatives from 40 national institutions were involved in the workshop. Burkina Faso has made significant progress in their NAP process, making the country a NAP pioneer. The NAP drafting process commenced in 2010, bulding on a strong institutional committment to mainstreaming climate change adaptation into development processes.
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Djibouti: Integrating climate adaptation into development plans essential

A four-day technical training on National Adaptation Planning (NAP) was held in Djibouti from 30 March to 2 April 2015, bringing together 30 national experts from various ministries and departments as well as members of civil society. The training was delivered at the request of the Ministry of Housing, Urbanism and Environment by a team drawn from UNDP and UNITAR, with support from the NAP-GSP and the UNDP Country Office. The training package was developed through cooperation between GIZ, UNDP and UNITAR, using the framework of the LEG Technical Guidelines.
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Mauritania: Skills development required nationally to address climate risk in development planning 

The Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development of Mauritania, Mr. Amédi Camara, opened a technical training on NAP supported  jointly by GIZ and the NAP-GSP in April 2015. UNDP, UNEP, UNITAR and ENDA contributed to the training.The four-day training workshop in Nouakchott brought together 30 national experts from various sectors and departments as well as members of parliament and women’s networks. 

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GIZ, UNDP and UNITAR join forces for in-country NAP trainings

In response to the need for NAP support and capacity building, a NAP country-level training package has been developed, through the collaboration of GIZ, UNDP and UNITAR, under the joint UNDP / UNEP NAP-GSP. This new training aims to provide a general understanding of the conceptual approach of NAPs and the NAP Technical Guidelines, produced by the Least Developed Countries Expert Group (LEG). A NAP Training of Trainers was conducted in April 2015, to enlarge the pool of available trainers.

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UNDP/UNEP launch new capacity development programme for LDC climate negotiators

The new initiative will provide technical asistance to negotiators from LDCs - with the aim to strengthen key negotiation skills, and skills in applying climate change information and science. The programme will assist negotiators to develop further understanding of the climate change policy-making framework under the UNFCCC. 

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New Publication: Skills assessment for NAP

With mounting scientific evidence of the impacts of climate change and as public awareness of climate change has increased, more sophisticated capacity development approaches are being embraced. 
This skills assessment framework is derived from experience acquired during a joint UNDP-UNITAR Global Water Partnership mission carried out in Niger un May 2014, under the NAP-GSP.

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The third NAP Expo was held in Bonn from 14-15 April 2015. NAP-GSP together with UNITAR held a session on building national capacity for the NAP process.

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