Addressing climate change doesn’t need millions of dollars — it needs trillions

Behind wrangling at UN climate talks over financial aid for poor countries dealing with increasingly extreme weather and bracing for worse to come, real-world projects that can save livelihoods — and sometimes lives — are queued up, waiting for approval and money... In south-western and eastern Uganda, for example, vast wetlands drained to make way for crops have become barren and no longer buffer rainwater cascading down the slopes of Mount Elgon during climate-enhanced storms, the UN Development Programme’s Benjamin Larroquette told AFP. For subsistence farmers who never know when a flood will wash away their crops "it’s Russian roulette", he said. A $44.3m project managed by Larroquette will restore some 60,000ha of wetlands over the next eight years, and reconnect the area’s networks of streams and rivulets. A million people will benefit, also learning how to set up fish farms and plant crops compatible with wetlands.

Business Day
Wednesday 9 May 2018