Building effective climate governance in Liberia

Climate change poses significant risks to Liberia in reaching its goals for sustainable development and climate action. Strong governance will be a key in building the enabling and transformative institutions necessary to protect the people of Liberia from sea level rise and other climate impacts, propel development gains to reduce hunger and poverty so that no one is left behind, and protect peaceful climate-resilient economic and social development.

Madam Anyaa Vohiri is a climate hero from Liberia. Her work as the Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency provides unique insights into how least developed countries can plan for climate change and build for the future.

In advance of the launch of Liberia's new Green Climate Fund-financed project to advance the National Adaptation Plans (NAP) processes for medium-term investment planning in climate-sensitive sectors, UNDP caught up with Madam Vohiri to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities facing her country.

Friday 9 March 2018