Partnerships key to societal priorities

Partnerships facilitate lasting wins for communities, as opposed to top-down implementation of externally developed projects. A tested approach that leverages skill and resources at multiple levels, partnerships are key to driving societal priorities, particularly at a time of climate change. Two seemingly disconnected groups – civil society, development agencies and Government who design and implement strategy on the one side, and villagers who try to understand and live with the strategy on the other – joining hands to deliver interventions that work. This process calls upon both parties to show commitment, listen to one another and recognise the value of the other’s skill and expertise. “The Scaling up Adaptation in Zimbabwe, with a focus on rural livelihoods” project, around which Oxfam in Zimbabwe convened civil society, smallholder farmers, Government departments and development agencies, has benefited from this multi-sectoral buy-in.

The Herald Zimbabwe
Monday 9 April 2018