Country Profiles

The UNDP-ALM country profiles aggregate information and relevant links pertaining to a single country - giving an overview of the environmental issues that the country is facing and listing the UNDP supported projects responding to those challenges. Each country profile contains national information on how individual countries are addressing climate change adaptation, including National Adaptation Programmes of Action, National Communications, climate change scenarios, impact assessments, and relevant strategies

Featured Publications

The Featured Publications section includes formally and informally published documents on adaptation (e.g. articles, books, briefing notes, papers, fact sheets, reports or working papers). It also includes UNDP's Adaptation Bulletin - A Quarterly Update of Activities. The bulletin provides the latest information on UNDP's support to countries on Climate Change Adaptation at the national, sub-national and community-level. It includes updates on a range of topics including the status of ongoing projects, new project approvals, performance indicators, project impacts and results, policy and mainstreaming work, and noteworthy announcements.

Videos and PhotoStories

This section includes Videos and PhotoStories that highlight UNDP's adaptation projects around the world. Working in visually stunning areas, these short videos and snapshots into the projects are a powerful tool to see what is actually happening on the ground.

Training and Tools

The Training and Tools section highlights publications from UNDP's Energy and Environment Team dedicated to supporting adaptation and low-emission, climate-resilient development initiatives.


A wealth of information and knowledge on climate change and climate solutions are managed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and its partners, including five different climate websites:

  • Adaptation Learning Mechanism
  • ClimateTechWiki
  • Climate Finance Options
  • Voluntary REDD+ Database
  • Energy Dashboard

These links are a pathway to searchable databases and other sources of up-to-date information for climate and sustainable development practitioners and stakeholders in developing countries. The websites offer the latest case studies, project profiles, statistics, and data on climate change mitigation and adaptation technologies and practices; clean sustainable energy; green, low-emission and climate-resilient development; and climate finance and funding sources.  Users are invited to exchange knowledge and experiences and to help shape the content of these websites by contributing comments and case studies and participating in discussion fora and other interactive features.

Project Profiles

The Project Profiles highlight each of the projects in UNDP's adaptation portfolio. The Project Profiles, updated regularly by project staff, feature project documents and relevant information and resources. Each Project Profile has a series of sub-pages that give a brief Overview of the project, an About page that provides more in-depth information, Expected Key Results & Outputs, Monitoring & Evaluation, Links to other resources associated with the project, and Contacts.