UN Climate Change Conference 2016

Marrakech, Morocco :: November 7 - 18


Climate Change Adaptation at COP22

Climate change adaptation is an essential component to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and building impactful climate actions. At the Conference of the Parties Climate Talks in Marrakech, UNDP is hosting a number of interesting side events that highlight the need for climate resilient development. The building blocks for resilient development include economic diversification, integrated climate change strategies, improved financial management, weather services and disaster management mechanisms, climate-smart infrastructure, improved ecosystem and agricultural management, and better ways of managing our water resources. Share your COP experiences with the #COP22, #UNDP and #ClimateAction hashtags.

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Some materials and slides from COP22 are available for download:

Scaling up Climate Finance for Formulation and Implementation of National Adaptation Plans
Building Resilience Through Integrated Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction

UNDP, Gender and Climate Change Adaptation

Promoting gender equality is essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and implementing the far-reaching targets of the Paris Climate Agreement. In the second week of the Marrakech Climate Talks, UNDP’s Climate Adaptation Portfolio is highlighting a number of significant publications and photo essays that highlight efforts to build gender-responsive resilience to climate change. Climate change will effect men and women differently, by understanding and addressing existing gender inequalities, adaptation approaches can be more sustainable and lead to greater impact for the entire community.

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Sub-Saharan Africa needs next-generation weather and climate services

Bonizella Biagini

In Tanzania, a lightning strike killed a teacher and six students in 2015 – another sad example of the thousands of deaths that could be avoided with the effective deployment of modern weather and climate services, including early warnings for extreme weather events like lightning, flooding and drought. Providing these services not only saves lives but also is central to building resilience to climate change, empowering nations and strengthening livelihoods across Africa’s most vulnerable communities.

As we take the mandates established in Paris and move on to the Marrakech Climate Change Conference, it becomes very clear that providing accurate, timely and reliable weather, water and climate information will be key in supporting the efforts of leaders across sub-Saharan Africa to build resilience to climate change and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

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A New Vision for Weather and Climate Services in Africa


Climate Innovations Network

During today’s climate talks in Marrakesh, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched a report that focuses on a new approach adopted by African leaders to proactively support the sustainability of investments in weather and climate services across the continent.

The report, “A New Vision for Weather and Climate Services in Africa,” highlights new technologies and new approaches that will enable sub-Saharan African countries to support the sustainability of investments in the weather and climate services sector, and improve efforts to adapt to a changing climate in Africa.

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Helen Clark

The world celebrated in December when a new global agreement on climate change was reached in Paris. Less than a year later, that agreement has entered into force. This is a remarkable achievement by any account. Now the need is for rapid and effective climate action.

Full implementation of the Paris Agreement requires unsustainable energy use, deforestation, and other drivers of greenhouse-gas emissions to be tackled decisively. The goal is to build a zero-carbon, climate-resilient, sustainable future. Knowing this, our focus now must be to follow the pathway set out in Paris.

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