Strengthening Climate Information and Early Warning Systems to Support Climate-Resilient Development in Cambodia


The project seeks to include climate change considerations in short and long term planning processes, sectoral planning and other decision-making processes. Data generated through installed hardware, along with risk mapping and forecasted data will be made available to specifically benefit agriculture and water management sectors in their planning processes.

Key Results and Outputs

The key outputs for this project are:

  1. Transfer of technologies for climate and environmental monitoring infrastructure through Improved hardware and software capacity to monitor extreme weather events (Output 1.1) and; Increased institutional capacity to maintain EWS related infrastructure (Outcome 1.2).
  2. Establish the capacity to synthesize/model the climate and environmental data by developing climate/weather forecast products (Outcome 2.1) and; training forecasters to use information from monitoring stations in modeling and data quality control (Output 2.2).
  3. Facilitate easy dissemination of information to different sectors of the economy by generating tailored climate and weather information (Outcome 3.1); establishing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for issuing and disseminating warnings through communication channels (Outcome 3.2) and; Conducting knowledge-sharing workshop through regional institutions involving other countries (Outcome 3.3)


Reports and Publications


Butchaiah Gadde
Regional Technical Advisor