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UNDP Annual Report 2021

The world faced multiple crises in 2021. The climate emergency escalated. Social unrest and conflict flared. Inequalities deepened as COVID-19 continued to devastate lives and diminish economies, plunging millions more into poverty. In this fluid context, UNDP's 2021 Annual Report provides a snapshot of the results we achieved together with countries and communities over the last 12 months, the final year of our four-year Strategic Plan.

It considers the role we played in responding to the acute development problems of our time, including COVID-19, during which we helped 82 countries adopt vaccine registration and beneficiary tracking systems, supported the recruitment of 32,000 new healthcare workers, and protected nearly 1 million jobs. Advancing gender equality remains central to our work -- 750,000 women in 15 countries gained access to recovery programmes, for instance. Our work in Afghanistan, the Sahel and Iraq are examples of how transformations can take root even in the midst of crisis and fragility. Of the 120 countries supported through the UNDP Climate Promise, 90% increased their mitigation ambition and over 95% raised their adaptation ambition.

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