COP23 - Adaptation Side Events





Many governments, NGO’s, businesses, financial organisations, knowledge institutes, and international organisations are engaged in climate adaptation projects. They face similar challenges but fail to connect adequately to each other to share knowledge and best practices. To become more effective in climate adaptation, we need to create a common understanding of what effective adaptation is and how this can be measured.

Speakers and Panelists

Christiaan Wallet • GCECA Operations Director

Suada Ibrahim • Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre

Richard Klein • Stockholm Environment Institute

Barney Dickson • UN Environment

Craig Davies • EBRD Henk Ovink • World Water Works

Saleemul Huq • ICCCAD

Nick Craven • International Union of Railways

Angela Falconer • CPI

Vivienne Parry • Moderator, Genomics England

Julie Arrighi • Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre


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